Future Of Work

The Future of Work Conference brings together leaders from the HR, recruitment, education and training sector to examine how technology is transforming the work place
29-30 January 2020 | Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin

Technology is revolutionising the workplace with trends such as AI, robotics, automation, gig economy, remote working etc transforming the jobs we do and how we interact with our workplace.

The workplace has been transformed in recent years and more rapid change is on the way as the tech revolution continues to determine the way we communicate and collaborate. Furthermore, flexible workplace design will play an increasing role in the ability of businesses to attract new recruits, retain talent and impress potential and existing clients.
Recent research has highlighted that work spaces incorporating features such as natural daylight, windows with views and better air quality, actually improve productivity by enabling staff to concentrate and perform better. Improved lighting and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have also been shown to result in lower staff sickness levels.

The aim of this event is to bring together key executives from sectors such as HR, recruitment, education,training, tech, manufacturing and supply chain. The event will focus on the opportunities and challenges in the workplace and what tools you will need to drive transformation across your workplace. It will also explore where the key opportunities will lie in the jobs market.

The Future of Work Conference will showcase the latest developments in modern workplace design and provide practical advice on topics such as: how to create a sustainable and ergonomic professional environment; design a workplace that caters for an increasingly diverse workforce and nurtures a collaborative culture; and how to plan a work space that is flexible enough to accommodate the latest technology but that remains people focused.

Key Topics

  • Automation & Robotics
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • IoT & Industry 4.0
  • Remote Working
  • Retaining Talent
  • Collaboration
  • Diversity
  • Benefits and Compensation
  • Retaining Talent
  • Technology
  • Mobility
  • Culture
  • Workspaces
  • Globalization
  • Future Careers-Educating the Next Generation

The Future of Work Conference is part of the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition, which will also incorporate complementary events, including the Automation & Robotics Event, the IoT & Industry 4.0 Expo, and the Careers, Skills & Training Expo, to provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of how the digital revolution will impact their day-to-day business operations of the the Irish workplace including the manufacturing sector.

Henrik Von Scheel

Originator of Industry 4.0

Áine Fleming

Director of Engineering – Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Marc O’Regan

CTO EMEA – Dell Technologies

Women's Ministry

Gary O’Callaghan

CEO – Siemens

Pauline O’Flanagan

Head of IBEC’s Engineering Network – IBEC





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